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Drum Strainer Design

CHALLENGE: Customer's product, a municipal waste de-watering assembly, was experiencing premature failure of its rotary drum strainer.

DESIGN SOLUTION: CRAVE identified weakness in the drum's design as key factor in structural failure. Redesigned drum to significantly increase rigidity while ensuring that new drum would not require any modifications to housing assembly.

RESULTS: New drum strainer design has had no failures in over a year of operation versus previous designs failure rate of less than 30 days.

Can Caddy

CHALLENGE: Devise a simple, convenient product to help in holding paint cans when working from extension ladders.

DESIGN SOLUTION: Crave developed the patented Can Caddie, a simple, convenient paint can attachment. Versatile design provides front and rear hooks for adapting to fences, gutters, etc.

RESULTS: Prototype testing proved product's success in meeting all objectives. Straight forward design approach produced effective, cost efficient results. Product release scheduled for early fall.





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